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Training as a dog groomer opens doors to many career opportunities in the pet industry. Not only is it a skill you can take anywhere around the world, but there’s great demand for qualified dog grooming professionals in India. The pet industry is growing by leaps and bounds and the demand for qualified groomers will be just going up in the coming years. Red Paws Pet Spa offers a quality dog grooming course based in New Delhi.


We have a team of professionals trained to teach you how to get started with little or no experience. Our dog grooming course aims to provide each student with the necessary training to successfully enter into the any entry level dog grooming position. Your course will be focused, detailed and intensive! Due to the importance of health and safety within the dog grooming environment and because of the intensity of learning, the course is designed to be one to one or at most, two to one ratio of student to tutor. You will be working with us at our spa in Hauz Khas Village and not only learning from the course but also learn and experience the daily working of a pet spa, spa management, client management and staff handling.


Please email us at or call/whatsapp us at 9711457626, 9711457647 for further information and details on the course, duration and fees.

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